Meet Alexi Hubbell Photography


“A lot of people have taste, but they don’t have the daring to be creative”

-Bill Cunningham


Alexi Hubbell has been a Durango, Colorado native since she was two years of age. Having moved from the flat, cherry tree-covered landscape of northern Michigan so her family could live in the high mountains of Colorado. Alexi prides herself in her ability to incorporate the landscape around her into her portraits, commercial and wedding work. Her photography technique and style lends itself well to showcasing the reason couples choose Colorado to get married: the mountain views and various landscapes. Alexi's images are crisp, high-contrast and bold. Alexi has worked with many local businesses and destination wedding clients here in Colorado and beyond. Alexi has been featured on over Fifteen major news networks and multiple publications.

From Alexi: My love of photography goes back as far as I can remember. As a little girl I would flip through old magazines like Time and Life and visualize being the photographers behind those images. From that moment on, I worked at becoming what I am today. It also helped that I come from a long line of hobbyist and professional photographers. Growing up, I was never found wanting for a camera or film in my home. If I wanted to take a photo of something all I had to do was go open some draw grab a camera, check it for film and off I went. 

When my face isn't hidden behind a camera, I can be found feeding my addiction to music with a vintage Motown album on the record player, hitting my punching bag like Muhammad Ali, and crawling under furniture to retrieve tennis balls with my Jack Russel's, Mesa Boogie and Elvis Costello Jackson Leroy Brown Presley.

Photography is an art form.  I am an artist first and foremost. You can expect nothing less than art as your final result. I pride myself in the amount of time and attention I give to each photo session. You are unique and your photos should be a reflection of that. 

I snap eternal images of:

  • Weddings and Elopements
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  • Headshots
  • Products

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