Looking Toward 2016: 5 Things I WILL do.

Everybody knows about new years resolutions. Some make them, some fear them. Quitting smoking, working out more, starting a new diet, those are the most popular. But for me, I like to look into my crystal ball and try to see what the year holds for me. And by crystal ball, I just mean that I see what I want to see, then make that happen. 

1. Photograph subjects and content that I desire photographing

This may seem like a no-brainer but if you have ever just begun to do something or tried to get your foot in the door somewhere, you might know hard it can initially be to place yourself in a niche or specialize in one area. In photography, you might want to do it all and for a number of reasons: 1) you are uncertain of what type of photographer you want to be, i.e., wedding, food, architecture, family, commercial, product, landscape. 2) it is VERY hard to turn down any job in the first few years of business.

Although I love all types of photography and I believe its great to shoot all subjects, for me personally, I would like to shoot more portraits and, perhaps, more commercial work in the fashion and retail sector. I love to make women feel glamorous and beautiful - whether it be through a head-shot, boudoir session, or fashion campaign. This has long been my passion and and I plan to keep that focus in the new year. Not to worry, I'll also keep shooting weddings :)

2. Complete another personal project, possibly for public display

My passion for helping women to be seen as special, as I know them to be, constantly flows from professional to personal and back again. My subjects for personal projects tend to be models or brave friends I convince to model for me. I could write a whole essay or possibly a book on what makes women so strong and important. But I'll spare you for now.

For my next project I hope to shed some light on survivors of the abuses that we, as women, are often forced to endure at some point in our lives. I am fortunate enough to live in a very sharing and caring community that I have come to depend on when launching new projects. I know this will surely be a huge endeavor and will take all the strength we women possess to pull it off. Stay tuned for more info on this project as it unfolds.


3. Train the new doggie

OK...this may seem silly but seriously! We just adopted Mesa, the most beautiful (most likely neglected) Beagle/Terrier mix from our local humane society. When we first brought her home she was very lethargic due to contracting kennel cough. After the antibiotics did their work her true personality has been pouring out!

She likes to chew on things, rough-house with Elvis our Jack Russell and, at one year old,  isn't potty trained. She also comes from New Mexico and apparently hates the Colorado snow, which has made potty training all the more difficult. But gosh, is she cute! So I need to get out of my head that all dogs are as perfect as little Elvis. This little girl deserves the best chance at a happy life we can give her. So I am currently reading Housetraining for Dummies. Really. Please send me any info if you have it!


4. Read more books

And I'm not referring to Housetraining for Dummies this time. As we spend more time online, searching our phones, trying to fit an entire thought into 140 characters or less on Twitter, we seem to lose our attention span. The average person will send less than 10 seconds on a given website. if they don't like what they see within that short time, they move on. 10 seconds to make an impression! That's not long at all. That also makes today's technologically-driven audience hard to reach from a business standpoint, but I'll save that for another blog.

Words are, and have always been, my life. I love talking, writing, and reading. Yet, I look back on 2015 and realize I haven't finished a single book I started. I put it down, get busy and never pick it back up. Great books, left to rot on a dusty self. It seems I'll pick up my phone before I'll pick up a book these days. No more! I was gifted a Kindle for Christmas and we will see if that helps. Although the thought of staring at another screen and the affects that's having on my eyes upsets me a bit. I'll try anything that helps me read again.


5. Start a small garden

Before I moved in with the most amazing man in the world, my boyfriend, I lived in the county just outside the city. I had a 60' x 30' fenced-in plot of land on my property with irrigation water that I turned into my very own organic garden. I hardly went to the store and at most spent $50 a week on groceries.  If you couldn't make it with the bounty of food from the garden, well then, you must not be a very creative foodie. 

When we moved to our new subdivision, we found out that water restrictions had been placed on our community by the owners of the lake that supplies us our water. We can't even drink the stuff because it tastes so foul and now we couldn't water our yards either. I can do without perfectly green grass and we have, but I can't do any longer without the feeling of pure satisfaction and joy that comes from having a garden. In the late summer this past year, the water restriction was lifted and since this winter is proving to be an el nino, fresh veggies here we come! Even if I have to put them in pots on my back porch. Shhhh. 


Happy New Year To All!

I hope you all predict the best for yourselves as well.