Lukah's BIG Debut

Oh my gosh! You all have no idea how excited and nervous I am about this post! I am so happy to present to you all, Lukah Atlas Sindelar born September 23rd, 2014. Lukah is a very special and loved baby boy. His family loves him so much and they really value their son's privacy. Up until today, no photo of this little bundle of joy has graced anything but emails and texts between family members and friends. Even the maternity photos I took last year when Lukah was still growing in Mommy's belly were not widely shared. Who in this day and age can blame them?

But look how cute he is! He has been teasing and tempting us for ten months with that precious smile. So today is the day!

I can not tell you just how honored and valued I feel to be able to be the photographer that got to take these photos and share them with all of you. To Lu's precious mommy, I know you are probably biting your nails off as you read this and maybe crying a bit too. I know what a big step this is for you and Lu's Daddy. So with all my heart, and I'm sure on behalf of everybody that has been begging for pictures, thank you for sharing this amazing little person with us.

Much love


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