3 Tips For Planning Your Perfect Engagement Session

Engagement session are pretty much a must these days. They adorn save-the-dates, invites, wedding websites and more. But they do more than hanging on your aunts fridge reminding her of the wedding date. They tell your story - the story of your love. And you will want to get this right, to always look back on and remember that special time before you both said "I DO".

1. Tell Your Story

Do you love to be outdoors, enjoying the elements and hiking to the highest peak? Are you more city folk, in love with the skyline views from a rooftop or taking a walk in your neighborhood to the local cafe? Stick to what you love. If you are not nature lovers, don't go the forest for your photos. If you hate having to live in the city and escape every chance you get, find a lovely area that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Did you meet your fiance at a city park, a coffee shop, a bar, a national park? It may be a good idea to try and incorporate those spots in your photos. 

2.  Incorporate Some of the Theme of the Wedding Into Your Engagement Photos

I am not suggesting you go all out and spend a bunch of money on props that match the theme and decor of your wedding, but subtle touches are great. For instance, if you have a vintage 1920's-themed wedding, perhaps dress a little bit vintage, with hair feathers and a sparkly dress for her and fedora and bow-tie for him. The combination of the outfits and the wedding invitation will blend well and surely stand out. For the image below, we used the forest to tie it all together. They were having a woodland wedding, concentrating on greenery like moss and pine trees. By finding this greenery on the shoot and placing the couple in front of it, we created a perfect image to match the color and feel of the wedding invites and save the dates.


3. Use Props To Show Your Shared Interests

Most every couple shares common interests. Some share BIG interests like rock climbing, world travel, saving the planet. Some share smaller interests like, ice skating on the weekends, ice cream addictions, or music. Whatever your's may be, try to incorporate at least one into the photos. For the example below, this couple loves skateboarding and had matching Vans for such activities. It doesn't have to be elaborate to add a personalized touch. 

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