Welcome to the World, Baby Vera: Newborn Lifestyle Session

Before we begin, I should note, that I do not consider myself a traditional family or newborn photographer. I am also not the biggest fan of posing babies in baskets and wraps- it's really adorable, but not natural for me. So I was pretty thrilled when Sofia and Alex told me they wanted Vera's newborn photos to be as organic and as authentic as they are.

I visited this new family's home in downtown Durango about two weeks after Vera was born. Their humble abode was bursting at every seam with love, allowing little pockets of that natural light that I so adore to come trickling in - creating the perfect lighting for baby Vera's first photo shoot. I believe the home held some special vibes after the in-home birth.

Congratulations to this beautiful new family of three and their extended families and friends all around.



The midwife had Sofia hang these images around the house to visualize the baby coming out head first and it worked! This was my favorite nook of the house.

A mother and child connecting over nursing is one of the most peaceful sights.

Sofia and her mother took a photo similar to this when she was a babe. Her only request the whole shoot was that we get one just like it for tradition.

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