Buying My (Same Old) House

Buying a new home is exciting. The planning. The shopping around. The remodeling ideas. The moving. We are going through it all right now...except for that last part: the moving. See, being a 20-something business owner in a tough real estate market, I haven't really had much time to think about purchasing a home. So we rent. For the last 4 years I have lived in an amazing neighborhood, where I can work out of my home and walk my dogs whenever I please (which I should be doing right now as I type this!). I have asked in years past if the owners would be willing to sell it to us. Time came and went, and it never happened. So I became comfortable as a renter. Staring at the walls I wanted to paint and the counters I wanted to rip out on a daily basis, was just part of the deal. I'm sure everyone can relate to that, am I right? 


This past month, the owner said he would like to sell the property finally and would like to offer to me and my partner. So, naturally we went though all the feelings and emotions - we went and looked at other homes, we talked to realtors and lenders. But we kept coming back to where we already were. We loved it here. We fit here. And best of all, we didn't have to move! Some may say part of the new home buying process is that you get to move into your new digs and that is exciting for most. But for us that seemed stressful. I am running a very busy photography business, after all and my partner, Dan, just got offered a new job at one of the top companies in our area. Moving seemed daunting. Now, top that all off with the fact that I have moved over 20 ( ?. Help me out here mom) times in my life. Moving again was not top on my list of things that would make me feel good. And my 30th year is all about doing things that serve me well. 

I love my town but the housing market it tough, to say the least. The town keeps growing and there isn't enough housing in most people's price range. My family moved from one rental to the next when I was growing up, and then I proceeded to follow suit when I became an adult.  This is finally my chance to stay put, paint some walls, rip out some carpet and call somewhere "my own". I am a home builder's daughter, you know. I grew up on job sites and even helped my dad with jobs. So, I got this! 

I feel so fortunate that everything has worked out the way it has over the past couple years. From by thriving business (thanks, ya'll!) to the wonderful opportunities like home buying, I am truly thankful and grateful. 

Now to the next order of business: what do we call our housewarming party? We already had on as renters so we can't really call it by the same name. Is a house warming party by another name still as awesome? I'm taking suggestions! Rewarming? Reheating? Redo? Reboot? Help a girl out, would ya? 

Love and gratitude,



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