Dante's at Purgatory Resort: Kelly + Michael

Dogs, beer, and a little bit of snow. Could you ask for anything more? Well, if you are Kelly and Michael, throw some true love in the mix and you got yourself one epic wedding.

Kelly and Michael have been in love since high school. As Michael tells it, he knew she was the girl of his dreams the first day he saw her, when she was trying to save an inquired deer on the side of the road. They bonded over many things, including shredding the powder at Purgatory and winning almost every beer pong game they played together.

I rarely see a couple so willingly affectionate in front of my camera. Michael was always kissing Kelly’s hand or cheek, without me ever prompting him. Their love for one another was so very touching. It may be possible that this is the one wedding in history where everybody cried. I cried, moms cried, dads cried, tough dudes cried, and plus one’s cried. Tears of joy can be seen in so many photos throughout the day.

Kelly and Michael were set to be married last summer but due to the 416 Fire shutting down the mountain, they decided to wait another year. And this year we weren’t sure the snow was going to melt in time (see the specialty cocktails for a play on that)! I think it brought them even closer together and made the wedding day truly what it was.


Venue: Dante’s at Purgatory Ski Resort

Floral: Adela Floral

Hair: Harley Carney

Dress: Little White Dress in Denver

Shoes: Kate Spade

Catering/Tent/table and chairs/ party rental: Purgatory Resort

Rings: Family Heirlooms

Oxygen Bar: Altitude O2 Bar

DJ: Aiko Aiko

Cake: Luda Woodward

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