Vallecito Lake Intimate Wedding: Jodie + Matt

Some years back Jodie and Matt met in Durango, Colorado. They both worked for the same company and it didn’t take long for the two of them to start wanting to see each outside of work. Not long after that, Jodie and Matt decided to start a life together in Minnesota. So they packed their bags and said goodbye to those rocky mountains.

When Matt asked Jodie to be his wife, there was nowhere else they could think of to say ‘I do’ than the place where it all began. Surrounded by only their closest family and friends, vows were exchanged after a rainstorm delay on the shores of Vallecito Lake. The rain fog was lifting, the dew was glistening on the wildflowers, the birds were singing loves songs just for us, and love was all around.

My favorite part of the wedding was the bouquet. Each member of the wedding party walked down the aisle holding a single flower. When they met the officiant at the alter, they passed along their flower. When the bride and her father made their way up, the groom tied all the flowers together and handed the bride her bouquet! Is that not the best thing you have heard today?!


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