Durango, Colorado, Oxbow Park Engagement Photos: Dee Dee + Heather

During an extremely warm February in Southwest Colorado, Dee Dee and Heather met me at a private beach on the Animas River. They were both in town for Valentine's Day weekend from Austin, Texas. Dee Dee, being from Durango originally, knew of my services and wanted to sneak a session in before they went back to Texas. The weather had been in the low seventies for almost a week so I thought it would be great the day of the shoot. But being Colorado, when we met up by the river the clouds moved in and the snow soon followed. I found this laughable since it had been sunny all day, as you can tell by looking at the photos; there is no snow on the ground, just in the air. And, of course, the sun came right back out again when our hour was up! Oh, Colorado!

Their happiness was undeniable. During the shoot even Heather mentioned she had never been so loving in front of someone before. Or in her words, she jokes, " I don't think I've ever been so gay". "I guess I just bring it out of people", I replied.  

They just couldn't stop holding each other. During the session I would say something like 'let's have you spaced out a bit and holding hands for this one'. They would try to stand still and apart for only a few seconds before grabbing for each other and going in for a hug again! So cute! 

There were tons of hugs to be had while trying to keep warm in the sudden and unexpected chilly weather. 

Congratulations to Dee Dee and Heather on your engagement! May you always be as happy as you are in these photos. 

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